Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pay It Forward

Earlier this month, a friend and co-worker asked me for some guidance on starting a weight loss journey.  He finally made the decision that he wanted to make an effort to become active and improve his health.  The following is the information that I provided him.  In less than four weeks he lost 15 lbs.  You never know who is watching you, or who values your opinion.  Being transparent and willing to share can certainly help others a long their way. Some of the information you read may have been covered in other posts.  My apologies for any redundancy.

#1 - Ease into it.  Making a lifestyle change is major.  I used to jump into the working out/'dieting' thing with both feet.  Two days later I had thrown in the towel.  Over a two to three week period start making changes. 
Ex:  Week 1 - more water no fried foods + exercise
Week 2 - more water, no fried foods, more green veggies + exercise
Week 3 - more water, no fried good, more green veggies, less starches + exercise
Over the course of a month you'll have tailored your 'lifestyle' change and will have done it without overwhelming yourself.
#2 - Don't say you CAN'T eat something.  Say, that you don't eat it. Or, you choose not to eat it. It's a very mental thing.  The more control you feel like you have, the better you'll feel.  The thought of deprivation may motivate you to rebel.
#3 - Don't tell the whole world what you're doing.  I'm not a pessimist, but there is an audience of individuals waiting to see you fail.  #truestory
#4- Do NOT drink your calories.  Beer, soda, milk shakes all contain calories.  You have to account for these too. 
#5-  Avoid having your 'trigger' foods at home.  If ice cream is your weakness.... don't bring it in the house.   Too bad for the kids.. oh well, they don't need it either.   Go out for ice cream or buy individual servings.  Whatever it is.. DO NOT keep large amounts of in the house. Period.

You will find out a lot about yourself during this process.
Are you an emotional eater, are you a glutton, do you eat out of boredom?

Don't let yourself get too hungry.  When you do that you'll eat the first thing that isn't nailed down.

Make conscientious decisions. 
 If you want a burger:
Eat It>Enjoy It>Move On.
Eat It>Feel Guilty>Quit Your Plan
This is No Bueno......

Protein is key
Greek yogurt
Chicken, Turkey
Some nuts (not Beer Nuts - LOL)

Keep fruit on hand.  Bananas, mandarins and apples are my favorite options for the office.

*A snack is what you make it...
you don't have to eat cottage cheese and peaches
eat a small cup of chili
or a half turkey sandwich and an apple (try to stay in a 100-200 calorie range)
or a mini salad with a little protein on top

Don't eat things you don't like.  Find healthier versions of things that you do!   (great simple light recipes)

I highly recommend or another calorie counting weightloss app.
I like sparkpeople because you can create a profile, set your goals and log them.  They also have plenty of free recipes, articles, exercise videos etc. 

I'd recommend creating a program that focuses on less processed cereals, breads, pastas.  Not necessarily low carb per se, but eating lean proteins, more fruits and veggies.  The less boxes and packages you eat out of, the better.  Bake, roast and grill your meats.  Steam and sautee your veggies.  Garlic, fresh herbs, dried spices, lemon juice, olive oil, etc will take your basic cut of meat to another level.  Also, use your crock pot, there are plenty of hearty soups and stews you can make. 

Some of my favorites meals:

White Chicken Chili seasoning mix by McCormick - add fresh diced chicken breast and cannelini beans... 1 pot meal.
(just a dollop of sour cream a slice of avocado - you have protein, fiber and some healthy fat)

Tacoless Salad:  Ground chicken or turkey browned with taco seasoning, shredded lettuce, pico de gallo, guacamole, black beans etc.  with all the textures you don't realize there's no shell!)

Cracked Pepper Turkey Breast (I usually buy at super Walmart) + baked sweet potato, steamed veggies.

Turkey Italian Sausage & Penne Whole Wheat Pasta

Butterball Turkey Burgers - they have a 'seasoned for beef lovers' burger in the refrigerated case.  Love them!

 I don't eat much beef or pork.  As with any meat choose wisely.  If you're going to eat beef please buy nicer cuts or ground meat with a low lean to fat ratio. 

read my blog :)

The real #1 is.. I'm proud of you!  Don't give up!

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