Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The nail...

How bad does it hurt?

I've heard several variations of this story over the years. I see a lot of similarities in this short narrative and how many of us approach weight loss or lifestyle changes.

One day a man was walking down the street on his way to work.  There were dogs sitting on just about every front porch.  They would bark at him as he passed.  There was one dog that only whimpered and whined when he went by.  The man was curious why this particular dog whimpered instead of barking. After about a week of observing this behavior the man saw the dog's owner sitting on the porch.  <Man approaches house>
Man:  What's wrong with your dog? Everyday I go by he's whimpering.
Owner: He's laying on a nail.
Man: Well, why doesn't he just get up?
Owner:  It's not hurting him bad enough.

                              When will you decide to move off your nail?

I constantly hear people complaining about their weight gain, health and the fact they don't have the quality of life they would like.  However, with some people...complaining is the only action that they take. This complaining is very similar to the whining that the dog on the front porch did. If the situation is truly uncomfortable for you, GET OFF THE NAIL!
It's just that simple.  Getting off the nail doesn't mean that there is going to be an overnight metamorphosis.  But, it does mean that you're tired enough of the issues that you have to initiate a change.

Trying and faltering a little, is better than becoming complacent.  I know there is safety in familiarity.  But there's also a hint of dysfunction when we are afraid to make changes that we know will only benefit us for the better.  Make a commitment to yourself to explore the endless possibilities that are out there, if you'd only get off the nail....

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