Thursday, May 24, 2012

Accept your curves (or lack thereof)

It took a long time to get this point, but I've finally learned to accept my curves.  For years and years I beat myself up in various dressing rooms because I never really understood my body.  This post is inspired by the fact I was just doing some online 'window shopping'. I  ran across a site that had ultra skinny jeans on clearance.  Two years ago I would have tried on some ultra skinny jeans and would have ended up in tears.  I mean skinny jeans are already diabolical.  But when you add ultra in front of them, a bottom heavy chick like myself would be inches from the ledge.  Luckily I finally took inventory of my body and realized what styles and cuts work for me. I stopped trying to force my nooks into crannies that just weren't made for me.  Accept your body shape and find clothing that compliments your figure.

As much as I love the retro look of shift dresses
they absolutely DO NOT work with my shoulder to waist to hip ratio.  Not a good look at all

I've found that belted dresses look better on me and they actually accentuate my waist.
 see >>>>

I do own a few pair of skinny jeans.  None of them are ultra skinny, and normally I have to go up a size or two to accommodate my rump and thighs.  Doesn't make me feel that skinny after all.   But I digress.   Every fashion trend isn't made for every person.  And... that's OK.  Accept what you've been blessed with and WORK your assets to your advantage.    "Work" <in my best RuPaul voice>

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