Saturday, May 19, 2012

Soooo... I'm one of "them"

Major Inches Gone
Size 26 pants!!!!
Wow, really?  I just realized a few days ago that I am one of "them".  Someone who has lost a substantial amount of weight and can stand in one pants leg of an old outfit.. Left me a little speechless.  When did this happen?  Yes, I'm elated the weight is off.  No, I never realized I was so heavy that I even came from that place.  Geez... why didn't anyone tell me?  Oh yeah, my wrath.  I guess they couldn't chance that.  I'm blessed to have come this far no doubt,  but I thought the standing in the old fat pants was reserved for people like Jared on the Subway commercial.  OMG!  I'm one of them!

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