Sunday, May 20, 2012

Been Thinking about SUGAR like an old lover

So..... over the last few years I've been telling people that they need to change their relationship with food in order to lose weight.  I'm learning that we need to treat food as it was intended.  Food should be nourishment.  We shouldn't have emotional attachments to food. I was the extreme emotional eater.

Good emotions ...
Bad emotions...
Ambivalent emotions...
  If I was feeling "some type of way".... I ate.  And ateAND ATE.  Food is an inanimate object.  Well, after it's been slaughtered it is.  Food doesn't somersault into our mouths.  Chicken legs don't do the running man onto our plates.  We put it there.  We are also responsible for the additional pounds and inches that is a direct result of what we eat.  Yes we put those there too!  I've realized I had to get a handle on how I viewed food.

I won't let a trifling family member or friend steal my joy.  So why allow food to steal my health?  You wouldn't let anyone hinder you to the point that you lose your job would you?  So why do we love food so much that we turn a blind eye to it's hidden agenda?  We know that certain foods, just like certain relationships are just no good for us.  Yet, we continue on the infinite hamster wheel going around in circles.  When do you, "stick a fork in it" and say,  I'M DONE?

 Today, I've had thoughts about SUGAR.  I was thinking about sugar when I was driving. I was thinking about sugar as I washed dishes.  I thought about sugar as I prepared my morning protein shake.  I have had a volatile relationship with sugar all my life.  If I personified it, I'd call it an abusive relationship.  It was bad.  There was a bit of a longing for it today.  I feel like I am post break up.  I felt the need to just have a little bit for old time's sake.  You know how we do ...   "I'll just call and text him to see how he's doing."   
Or....  "I wonder what he's up to; if he misses me?"  Sugar has been on my mind like an old boyfriend today.  But I'm proud to say I'm putting an end to this dysfunctional relationship.