Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Idle Hands :(

So let me preface this blog by saying this is serious subject matter.  However I always try to see the good in everything, or at the very least use the situation as a learning experience.  (Those that know me personally recognize that I am long winded, my apologies in advance. That being said, let me tell you about my day yesterday 6/19/12.....

So... I had been on PTO for 2 days, which essentially gave me a four day weekend.  I did a little shopping while I was out and about and decided to rock one of my new dresses on my first day back in the office. The irony of this is, when I looked at myself in the dress I said to myself... "Hmmm, this is a good outfit to blog about."  It completely reflects the point I was trying to make about choosing clothes that look good on you.  Not hiding behind larger sizes or trying to force yourself into clothes that aren't cut for your particular body type.  I'm getting used to my 'new' body which is still a work in progress.   Some of the attention/compliments I get is awesome.  Some of the attention if you continue reading.... not so great. 
So I'm feeling good about the dress.  Wasn't really sure about it when I purchased it,  (the print was doing too much in my opinion), but my girlfriend Jackie told me that I should get it.  So I sucked it up and spent a whopping $24.99 at TJMaxx.  Anyway I had a great day at work and was planning to head to the gym.  But unfortunately I had to make a quick pit stop at good ole Wal-Mart.   I was looking for
 some special ointment for my recent tattoo and I also wanted to to pick up a copy of Jet Magazine. My friend Santana and her new husband are featured in this week's issue, so of course I needed to grab a couple.  I'm on the phone talking to my cousin J in Cali.  We needed to catch up about some recent events. A random lady walks up to me as I'm getting a cart to say, "Excuse me honey.  I have to tell you, you are really WEARING that dress.  You look great!"  So of course that serves as an ego  booster..  I realize that Jackie might have known what she was talking about.  I continue on my my shopping mission.  Ultimately I didn't find the ointment, but ended up in the cosmetics searching for some new nail polish.  Meanwhile I'm still on the phone with my cousin.  I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy because she's giving me positive affirmations.  She's telling me how good I'm looking, being positive, the law of attraction etc.   I'm taking it all in and also loving this Sally Hansen color I just picked out.

Sally Hansen Slick Slate 

Then...... WHAMMO!!!!!!   SHREEK!!  O M G.  SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!! DOUBLE YA TEE EFF!!!!  @!#%*$^

It happened.... some perv decided he wanted to manhandle my arse.   In layman's terms I was sexually assaulted in Super Wal-Mart while shopping for nail polish!   Clearly the fact that I wasn't aware of my surroundings made me an easy target.  I'm on the phone soaking in my cousin's every word while losing my mind about this new nail color.  Everything happened so quickly.  For a brief second I felt someone up behind me.  It never really registered that NO ONE should be up that close on me at Wal-Mart until after the fact.  The most disgusting thing about the whole ordeal was that this dude went IN!  He didn't just smack, pinch or poke my booty.  Oh no!  That would have been too mundane.  This clown used BOTH hands, cupped/squeezed and lifted my booty.  Can you say violation?  So in my mind I'm like I'm going to turn around and see someone I know.  I will then lay into them immediately with all type of vile language. In my mind I'm like whatever friend/associate that was went WAAAY too far!  Imagine the shock when I turn around and see an unidentified male standing there looking at me.  Meanwhile I'm still on the phone screaming in my cousin's ear.  I grab my purse to chase dude down the aisle.  I try to wave down some Wal-Mart assistance.  Other customers are standing there with their mouths open.  Dude takes off running and I'm standing there with this dude's hand prints etched onto my ass.   Ultimately I call the cops, file a report and am able to identify the guy via the surveillance video.    So what's the moral of this story.......

#1 Always ... ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings.  I was doing way too much.  I never even saw dude.  Based on the video tape he actually walked by me one time.  Then decided to come back and move in for the kill.  Had I been more on my p's and q's and he less of a pervert the 'groping' may have never happened. 

#2 Report assaults and crimes.  It is your civic duty to do so.  Part of me wanted to go home and take a shower, but the other part of me said.  This sicko needs to be caught.  If there is anything you can do to aid in that.  Do it!   After talking to the police officer he advised that what took place was a sexual assault.  He said he would do everything he could to find the guy because "this is how it starts".   Many serial killers, rapists, etc start off doing 'small' things to see what they can get away with.  And let's be honest.  I'm no petite chick.  This guy certainly has a problem.  I'm 5'6 and had on 3-4 inch heels yesterday.  This guy was 5'4 or 5'5 at best.  If he did this to me, could he be doing the same to a defenseless child?

#3 It's not your fault.  We've all seen the Lifetime movies and School Break specials that are about sexual assault.  I always felt that it was wrong to be accosted by someone, but never quite understood how victims qualified their situation as 'traumatizing'.  I totally get it now.  After the fact I was trying to figure out, was the dress too tight, too short?  Did my booty jiggle when I walked?  Maybe I shouldn't wear this dress again?  But then I realized it doesn't matter if I  had on some "David Lee Roth" pants

the situation should have never happened. 

Apparently the guy found this view irresistible?
Imagine if I had a butt like Serena [Williams]

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