Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Mom Mom's Things

So..... I wanted to start off the new year with a 'profound' blog post.  Well, not sure if I'll accomplish that and blow you away with the post.  I guess my main concern should be to empower and educate you.  If you walk away basking in the glow of my 'profound' words, well that's just an added bonus... LOL

  A few months ago I was in the gym and noticed a considerably older woman walking around with a tote bag that had "Mom Mom's Things" stitched on the side.  This woman had to be late sixties to mid seventies.  She walked slowly and her back was bent/curved.  She was the quintessential "little old lady".  The thing that struck me most was her bag.  It was a cheesy little bag.  More than likely it was a gift from her grandkids.  The bag broadcast that she was their "Mom Mom" and this tote, carried her "things".  Mom Mom didn't have youth or agility on her side.  Watching her move around the gym from equipment station to station proved that she wasn't the definition of fitness.  But what I did see, was DETERMINATION.  Somebody's Mom Mom was in the gym! Somebody's Mom Mom was making an effort to improve her quality of life. 

  Many of us let an entire year go by and still don't achieve any fitness or weight loss goals.  Having kids, a busy schedule or just simply being lazy prevents us from making progress on our goals.  If a Mom Mom can take the time, despite her age and physical limitations.... why can't you?

  You have 365 blank pages to write your story.  How will your 2013 end?

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