Monday, May 6, 2013

Celebrate Non Scale Victories - 1, 2, Buckle My Shoe

Often we get so hung up on what the scale says that we forget about the other things we have accomplished.  Every positive change that we experience during our weight loss or fitness journey isn't going to register on the scale.

It doesn't mean that these accomplishments are any less important.

I was reminded of a non scale victory recently.  I just realized that I am able to buckle my sandals with ease.  Something that most people take for granted was a major challenge for me when I was obese.  Many years ago, shoes with buckles were my arch nemesis.  Regardless of this fact, I still tortured myself by purchasing strappy sandals.  I had so much stomach and chest fat that it was difficult for me to bend over to fasten my shoes.  I'd either have to:

1:  Pre buckle the shoes, then slide my feet inside (often catching a cramp in my foot because the effort was extremely awkward).
2:  Bend my leg behind me backwards (on the bed or couch) and try to buckle the shoe from the side.
3: Solicit a friend to buckle the shoe for me.

Clearly #3 was the most preferred method, but unfortunately I wasn't always given that option.

For many years this was the story of my life.  I've been able to buckle my shoes normally for quite some time now.  However, it just registered last week that I had come a long way!

I know we all want to see the big changes on the scale and in our clothing sizes.  In the meantime, take a moment to reflect on the changes that you HAVE made in: strengthening your body,  losing inches, building muscle, building stamina and making healthier food choices.

For some, this journey may be a long one.  Don't just focus on one definition of success. The scale isn't the be all, end all

What are some of your non scale victories?


  1. I think we often overlook our non scale accomplishments, those are true victories!


  2. Hi Sondra you are so right! I just visited your blog I see you're from NC as well. I'm in Raleigh, how about you?